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GIFTING, LOVING & SURPRISING PEOPLE! I love to surprise people with a compliment, buying the coffee for the car behind me, sharing encouragement, or with an AFT session!  I am on a mission to help  complete strangers! Yes, it is legit. Nope, there aren't any strings attached. When I feel strongly that I should give, I sign a business card and give it out! 

  • Did you get one? Simply schedule an appointment with me and bring that business card with you to get the session free.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Certified Practitioner -  A session combines aromatherapy and imagery to move you through a guided 12 step process to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This gentle technique helps you to recognize and release emotional blocks that are holding you back. 

  • $75.00 per session 
    • Special 50% discount to the Awesome Oily Adventures and Voila teams!
    • Sessions available via webcam/zoom/FB messenger and in person
  • Zyto Compass Scans - A trusted wellness scanner for those who want to increase their product knowledge, empower fellow health advocates, and inspire wellness decisions. A quick automated Compass scan reveals top products in the Young Living product line based on accurate data taken directly from the body. (Local only)
    • FEE: $20.00 
    • Free with sign up and every month after that.
  • Live events/workshops/sessions
    • Altered journals
    • All About Me Books
    • Faith Journaling/ Albums
    • Vision Boards
    • Goal Setting

Testimonials by real people!

Kat R. reviewed Ascent Essentials5 star

I went into this with apprehension, but came out a believer. I feel great and always remember my affirmation. It has allowed me to live everyday life without anxiety and the extra depression from my situation. I love my affirmation. It is ME

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